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Anne Heche and Ex Agree To Stop Badmouthing Each Other

That’s so not going to last. Not after Coley Baffoon Laffoon called Heche delusional and she shot back with “well at least I have a job and don’t look at porn all day”. These two obviously hate–HATE–each other. But they agreed to keep their traps shut in front of their five-year-old son–at least temporarily. They […]

David Hyde Pierce: Out Of A Closet He Was Barely In

I’m sure there’s probably somebody out there who didn’t assume that Frasier Crane’s brother was gay. Someone in Antarctica, possibly, without access for the past decade to a television, magazine, awards show…but I’m sure they do exist. At least rumor has it. Yes, to the shock of no one anywhere, David Hyde Pierce officially came […]

Producers Join The “Let’s Enable Lindsay” Bandwagon

The producers of “Poor Things,” the movie Lindsay was supposed to start shooting today, have issued a statement saying they will keep her on the cast and rearrange shooting around her rehab. “We have been asked by Lindsay to comply with her wishes to continue working on Poor Things. We are trying to rearrange the […]

Eli Roth Wants To Torture Kate Hudson

“Hostel 2″ director Eli Roth may make some scary-ass movies, but he’s got a sense of humor. When asked what actress he’d like to lay a world of hurt on–on film, that is (at least I hope so, cause otherwise…)–he said Kate Hudson: “I’d love to torture her. But then again, sitting through one of […]

Paula Abdul Meltdown Caught on Tape

For sheer trainwreck/entertainment value, how can you not love Paula Abdul? She’s just so far out there that if she started acting normal I would be so very disappointed in her. The latest wacky hijacks from the “nice” American Idol judge was a weepy meltdown caught on audio tape, where she disses her former publicist, […]

Brangelina Wedding Rumor, Part Who The Hell Knows

I almost wish Brad and Angelina would get married, if only to stop the constant rumors that they’re going to. I’m so weary of them, as I don’t believe for a second that the sexiest couple (EVER) will ever (EVER) make it legal. The latest shit comes courtesy of “Grazia” magazine and not only claims […]

Nicole Richie is Soooo Hilarious!

So Nicole “I’ve never met a diuretic I didn’t like” Richie had a big Memorial Day BBQ over the weekend. She sent out an invitation, via e-mail, to her friends that somehow magically found its way all over the Internet. Funny, that. Which might not be so bad if it didn’t seem in such bad […]

Victoria Beckham Loves Animals

Dead ones, that is. I know, I know…she’s a fashion icon, but sorry, wearing the hide of a dead gorilla on your back creeps me out. Unless you’re Davy Crockett, in which case it’s somewhat expected. But, really, VICKY, you’re just asking to get red paint thrown at you. Those PETA peeps are hardcore. You […]

Michael Lohan: I Thought Lindsay Was Dead

That was Lindsay’s father’s first thought when he saw those photos of his daughter passed out in the front seat of Samantha Ronson‘s car. How pathetic is it when a crazy, rehabbed ex-con comes off sounding like the better parent? Not that Momma Enabler has said anything yet; guess she’s playing the “in seclusion” card. […]

John Travolta Wants Another Baby

For about the 700th time in the last year, John Travolta is telling the world he wants another baby with wife Kelly Preston. Because that’ll make the gay rumors go away for good. Just ask Tom Cruise. “I was told by Kelly that at the end of the summer we’re going to try.” Adds Kelly: […]

Reese and Jake: It Must Be Love

Apparently the relationship (or, more aptly, “relationship”) between Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal is still going strong (or “strong,” if you prefer). The two were spotted, conveniently, rendezvousing after a doctor’s appointment on May 25th. Because nothing says hot afternoon loving like a trip to a general practitioner. Sex-ay! After the visit, the two left […]

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s 1st Birthday Bash

The most beautiful baby (EVER) celebrated her first birthday on Sunday with a parade in her honor and a holiday instituted in her name. No, not really–but wouldn’t that piss off the haters (oh, you know who you are)? Actually, it sounds like a nice, if low-key, celebration. Mom Angelina had to work on her […]

Jen Aniston: No Tell-All In The Works

Jennifer Aniston is denying a report she’s writing a book about her relationship with Brad Pitt. he denial comes after Star Magazine’s latest issue reports that Aniston is getting $5 million for the tell-all, with the telling the tabloid: “Jennifer Aniston is finally ready to pour her heart out and bare the intimate details of […]

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