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Jenna Fischer is a Klutz

“The Office”‘s Jenna Fischer fractured four bones in her back the other day when she took a header down a flight of stairs (that’s what she said).

The fall took place at the Manhattan bar, Buddakan, where NBC’s upfront party was being held. Wait a second…this happened at a party? When I think falling down steps and party, I think one thing: drunken shenanigans gone awry.

“She avoided anything scary near the spine and she’ll make a full recovery in time to shoot season four of The Office this summer.”

Oh, gee, that’s great. Yes, it’s true: I’m not a Pam fan. Or a Jim and Pam fan–a “Jam” fan, as it were. Every time Pam’s blank face pops up on screen, I groan. Sorry, I just don’t think a star-crossed lovers romance is needed on a freakin’ sitcom. You know what sitcoms are supposed to be? Funny! Not a soap opera. I’m just sayin.’

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