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Paris Goes Hawaiian

Great disguise! Part Hee Haw, part Hare Krishna. And shades to hide the Wonk-eye. She’s such a clever girl. She arrived alone–she probably wants to meditate and become one with herself again, seeing as she’s so deep now. I can’t imagine that will last–she’s had just her own company for almost a month; even she […]

Britney Wants Mommy To Stay Away

I guess since K-Fed won’t sign her legal papers, she’s got to have something to do. Brit-Brit has decided to serve her mother, Lynne, with a lawyer’s letter asking her to stay away from Sean Preston and Jayden James if she’s taking any medications that would “impair” her. Pot, kettle, black, Brit. The relationship has […]

Katie Holmes: Aged to Imperfection

It’s so hard to remember that Katie Holmes is only 28 years old. Especially when she insists on dressing like a 50 year old. Here she is, yesterday, on her way to a business meeting. I imagine the meeting consisted of her management team telling her she’s in the running to play Jessica Alba‘s mother […]

Tom Cruise Just Loves The Beckhams

Tom Cruise like balls. Soccer balls–what else could I possibly mean? So, naturally, he’s thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED (said in sing-song fashion) that his favorite footballer, David Beckham, is soon to be his neighbor. So thrilled that, when asked if the Beckhams will become “big Hollywood stars”, he responded: “They already are.” Right, sweetie–and you’re bearded […]

K-Fed Won’t Sign Britney’s Divorce Papers

Oooh, this has the potential to be juicy! K-Fed has refused to sign the couple’s final divorce papers because he’s worried about her recent behavior. And when Kevin Federline, not the most stable person in the universe, is the one worried about someone else’s behavior what does THAT say? He thinks Brit’s a big cuckoo! […]

The Spice Girls Reunite; World Peace Nears

The Spice Girls made it official today and announced they are reuniting for an 11 show world tour this December. They’ll also be releasing a greatest hits album. They had greatest hits? Just in case anyone doesn’t remember (or has tried desperately to forget), the group consists of Geri “Ginger” Halliwell, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Melanie […]

Prince William: Back Off The Market?

After breaking up back in April it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are dating again. Or at least hooking up for a little ex-sex here and there. Hey, even future Kings need booty, ya know what I’m saying? “It’s true that they have been seeing each other. They [never] loathed each other. It […]

Jennifer Aniston “Casually” Wants You To Remember Her

It’s been about 3 weeks since Jennifer Aniston pulled a trifecta and conveniently was spied dining with a new “mystery man”, had the “mystery man” identified as model Paul Sculfor, then denied he was her boyfriend. So you know what that means: time to have unnamed friends remind US Weekly that she’s still seeing him, […]

Lindsay Lohan On Drugs When She Crashed Her Car

Well, the toxicology reports are back in and, shockingly, reveal that Lindsay had twice the legal limit of alcohol and cocaine in her system last month when she crashed her car. Wow, I never saw THAT one coming… TMZ first reported the story and when reached for comment, the Beverly Hills police department said the […]

Paris’ First Day of Freedom: Cake, Balloons And New Hair

Paris spent her first day of freedom becoming re-accustomed to the lifestyle she is used to–meaning, not doing much of anything save being pampered. At her parents Bel-Air mansion, she “received visitors,” as People called it (like she’s royalty), and gifts of flowers and balloons. All hail, Queen Wonky. And just in case anyone was […]

Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Sittin’ In A Tree

I love Kathy Griffin. She’s like that friend who loves, loves, loves to gossip and doesn’t care if it’s true or not–as long as it’s a good story. That’s my philosophy. Here she is the other night on “Larry King” professing her love for Anderson Cooper (though she’s barking up the wrong tree there, unfortunately) […]

John Stamos: Not Crazy, Just Really, Really Tired

After a really weird appearance on an Australian tv show–which had some (ok, me) questioning if John Stamos had lost his mind, his rep has come forward and blamed the whole thing on jet lag. “John has been traveling extensively for the past few weeks in Greece, Egypt and Tokyo and had a difficult time […]

Lindsay’s Doing Great, So Sayeth Dina Lohan

After being uncharacteristically quiet the last few weeks, Dina Lohan is ending her silence and talking to People (how totally unsurprising) about how Lil’ Trainwreck is doing in rehab. “I talk to her every day. She’s going to do Promises’ extended care program.” The program is supposed to help people transition back into their everyday […]

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