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Jennifer Aniston Continues To Beg For Attention

The only thing worse than a desperate famewhore is a desperate famewhore who can’t even be bothered with mixing up her desperate ploys to make the public think she’s still relevant. Enter Jennifer Aniston.

She constantly plays this game with the media with her dating life: leak to one magazine that she’s seeing someone, then deny it to another. What this does is insure that she’ll get double the coverage because now everyone wants to know which story is true.

This is what she’s currently doing in regard to Paul Sculpor, the Brit who she is/isn’t dating. People says she is, US Weekly says, via her rep, that she’s not. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So here she is last night, in her usual black attire, not having dinner with Sculpor in NYC. No, no, just a nice girl’s night out with Chris McMillan, her longtime hair stylist and the person responsible for “the Rachel” haircut that everyone had to have ten years ago. So very predictable. Next week US will probably have a “source” report that she flew to London to see him, as her rep than rings up People to deny it.

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