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Tom Cruise Extortionist Pleads Out

Don’t try to screw with Tom Cruise, people–you just won’t win. That’s what an extortionist found out as he pled guilty to charges of trying to milk Maverick out of $1 million for stolen wedding photos. David Hans Schmidt “gives up the right to indictment by a grand jury and agrees to plead guilty to […]

Thursday In The Park With Angelina

Back from the Middle East and right back into Mom duty, that seems to be Angelina’s mindset, as she took her gaggle of kids to the Central Park petting zoo yesterday. And look–she’s holding “the blob” again. I’m sure that’s only because she knew her picture would be taken, since she hates her biological child, […]

Katie Holmes: I’m So Happy!

Well, I mean, of course she is! Why wouldn’t she be? She’s married to the most amazing man in the history of the world and has the most glorious baby ever! So what if she always looks like she’s existing on a pleasant cocktail of valium and vodka–is that so wrong? Right. So everyone knows […]

Jennifer Garner: Simple, Yet It Works

Jennifer Garner is in Japan right now to promote her upcoming film, “The Kingdom.” I’ve seen a couple of trailers for it and I still have absolutely no idea what it’s about. Reminds me of “Syriana” in that way. Anyway, here she is at a photocall for the film, looking pretty good. The dress is […]

Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady: No Happy Family

All is not sunshine and roses between Bridget Moynahan and her baby daddy, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Though Bridget released a statement saying she was happy that Brady was there for the birth, sources (who are all wearing Team Brady shirts, it would seem) are saying Tom is being shut out. “Tom was only allowed […]

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced

ABC has announced the cast for Season Five of “Dancing With the Stars.” And–surprise, surprise–it’s a bunch of C-list “talent,” some of whom I haven’t even heard of: Melanie “Mel B” Brown, 32, Spice Girls (“Scary Spice”) singer Sabrina Bryan, 22, actress/singer (The Cheetah Girls) Helio Castroneves, 32, racecar driver Mark Cuban, 48, businessman (owner […]

Owen Wilson Lightens His Work Load

Owen Wilson officially dropped out of his role in the upcoming Ben Stiller movie, “Tropic Thunder.” Given he was supposed to start filming in the next couple of weeks in Hawaii, this is kind of a no-brainer. The guy has a lot more to deal with than worrying about high-tailing it over there for a […]

Zahara Jolie-Pitt: Central Park Princess

While Angelina was off saving the world, Zahara J-P took advantage of her “daddy’s girl” status to get some solo time with Brad in Central Park. First a horse-drawn carriage ride then some fun on the Great Lawn. Give Shiloh a year and she’ll have some competition, but for now the blob still needs nap […]

John Travolta and Kelly Preston: Surprisingly Life-Like

John Travolta accompanied his beard wife, Kelly Preston, to the premiere of her latest movie, “Death Sentence.” It looks like he may have finally gotten a better rug, as I don’t see the embarrassing mesh peaking through. Good wig-makers are hard to find, I guess, even when you are an Operating Thetan. Anyway, about this […]

Victoria Beckham Wants To Be the Skinniest Spice

Victoria Beckham always say she hates to exercise, but vanity is a good inspiration. With The Spice Girls upcoming reunion tour (everyone’s gotten their tickets, right? Er, are tickets even on sale yet?), Posh has decided she can’t bear the notion of any of the other girls, particulary Geri Haliwell, being in better shape than […]

Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt Confirmed

Extra got their hands on the Calls for Service report from the Santa Monica Police Department which lists the 911 call from Owen Wilson‘s house as an attepted suicide. Sad. He always seemed so easy-going, too. The call was logged in at 12:08 p.m. and was made by Wilson’s younger brother, Luke. He’s listed in […]

Another Hollywood Baby With a Weird Name

Goldie Hawn is a grandma again. Oliver Hudson and his wife, Erinn Bartlett–who is identified as an actress but who I’m guessing has credits like “woman in bar” and “Shelley, the hat check girl” in her listed movies “Rumor Has It” and “Raising Helen”–had a baby boy on August 23rd. They named him Wilder Brooks.

Angelina Continues To Make The Rest Of Us Feel Unworthy

As part of her work with the United Nations Refugee Agency Angelina Jolie is currently in Iraq to meet with Iraqi refugees. She flew to Syria on Monday, met with refugees there, then mosied on over to Iraq. “I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis and to […]

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