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I Love Kevin Smith

I was looking at some photos this morning and saw that Kevin Smith attended the premiere of “SuperBad” last night. And, just like that, it brought back all my Kevin Smith love. I just think he’s a really, really funny and cool guy–for a multitude of reasons. Or at least ten:


10. He’s from New Jersey and proud of it.

9. He blogs.

8. His unabashed, unrelenting man-love for Ben Affleck.

7. He’s directing an episode of the “Heroes” spin-off this year.

6. His filthy, filthy mouth.

5. He tells hilarious stories about his sex life, which might be crude, but are also pervertedly charming.

4. “An Evening With Kevin Smith” is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

3. Second only to Kathy Griffin in gossipy, celebrity stories.

2. He’s a couch potato.

And the Number One reason I love Kevin Smith:

1. “Lion face. Lemon face.” (see below)

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