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Katie and Suri: Back To Maste

Suri Cruise, accompanied by her Zom-mommy, Katie Holmes, depart Paris yesterday after a day of museum tours and shopping. If you’re wondering why they’re wearing different outfits than earlier in the day, well, there’s two explanations:

1. Professional photo-shoots always have at least one wardrobe change and, make no mistake about it, this little Paris jaunt was a p.r. stunt of the first degree, and

2. The future ex-Mrs. Cruise fell earlier in the day and scraped her knee, thus speeding up the “let’s go change into our second set of designer outfits” schedule. Photos of the fall can be seen here. Accidents do happen, but you know what increases their chances? Morons wearing five-inch hooker heels to walk around Paris while toting a two-year-old sixteen month old. Didn’t we crucify Britney for a similar incident?

So, to recap: one day, two wardrobes, dozens of photos and back to Maverick. Just a day in the “fabulous” life of Katie Holmes and Suri “I didn’t sign up for this” Cruise.

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