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Suri Cruise: No Rest For The Weary

It must be so difficult to be the child of famewhores. Things like naps cannot interfere with the more important task at hand, that being the almighty, important photo op. Because when the bevy of nannies Mommy takes the time to coordinate matching, prison stripe outfits (oh, the irony), sleep takes a backseat to where the cameras are.

At the tender age of two fifteen months, Suri Cruise already has gotten that lesson. Here she is on Saturday with the future ex-Mrs. Cruise at a Berlin shopping center. Geez, the kid looks like a life-size doll, that’s how passed out she is. I guess leaving her home wasn’t an option? It’s not like The Vapid One has a problem leaving her child, as was evidenced last week when she booked out of Germany all by her lonesome. But Suri wants to sleep and it’s time to go shopping? Gotta love those priorities.

Then, on Sunday, Maverick had to get in on that press action and the whole family went to the Berlin Zoo. At least, for a change, it was someplace Suri could appreciate. Too bad that wasn’t the main reason for the trip.

Mmm, don’t you just love the way Tommy’s hand is gripping Katie-kins neck? I like a man who exerts that force. Way to show her who’s in charge, Cruise-ster! Always leave her thinking “Is he going to snap my neck?” That’s so hot!

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