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Britney’s Bodyguard Tells All

Last week, Brit’s ex-bodyguard submitted a written testimony in the Spederline spawn custody case–testimony that resulted, at least in part, of Spears being required to take twice-weekly drug tests. Now, in the grand tradition of employees who aren’t asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, Tony Baretto is telling his story to News of the World–and it’s […]

Katie Holmes: Aged to Imperfection

Maverick took his future ex-wife out to dinner the other night, and, as per usual, Kate was looking less than minty fresh. Though it’s easy to forget by looking at her, Mrs. Cruise is only 28 years old. Somehow, though, she has perfected the art of not only seeming totally devoid of any emotion or […]

George Clooney: The Show Must Go On

George Clooney proved he’s no sissy boy when he showed up at the premiere of his latest film, “Michael Clayton” just days after his motorcycle accident. Girlfriend Sarah Larson was by his side, albeit on crutches–though she doesn’t have a broken foot, as was previously reported, rather a toe. Which, believe me, is mother-effing painful. […]

Brangelina Adoption Rumor #752

Yes, it’s time for another “Brad and Angelina are getting read to adopt again” rumor. What would a month be like without one of those? Given they are both always saying that they absolutely will add to their brood, one of these is sure to stick, I suppose. The latest story says the newest J-P […]

Nicole Richie: Pregnancy Becomes Her

I continue to be amazed at how good Nicole Richie has been looking these past couple of months. Who knew that actually eating, and having some weight on an otherwise skeletal frame, could look so good? Sure, it’s only because she’s pregnant, but maybe this baby already deserves some sort of accolades for making Momma […]

Katherine Heigl: Seriously, Why?

In a way, I’m even more confounded by Katherine Heigl‘s popularity than I am Hayden Panetierre‘s–and that’s saying a lot. Yes, I know she just won an Emmy for “Grey’s Anatomy” and yes, I know she was in “Knocked Up,” which was, like, the funniest movie to have ever been made. Not that I’d know; […]

Posh Is A Pussy Cat

Posh is joining The Pussycat Dolls. For realz. – Thanks to David for sending this over! Hollywood Offender is going to be down for a few days while we manage some much needed site related stuff. In the meantime, get your celebrity fix at a few of our favorite places: Agent Bedhead Celebrity Smack! Allie […]

Britney Spears: The Hits Keep On Comin’

Britney’s shitty September got even shittier on Friday when the trainwreck was charged with a hit-and-run and driving without a California license. The hit-and-run in question is an August 6th fender bender when the moron hit a parked car after making too wide a turn in a parking lot and didn’t bother to stick around […]

Someone Tried to Kill George Clooney

Ok, probably not, but still–when the two-time sexiest man alive is in a motorcycle accident, these things must be mused. And it happened in New Jersey, for god’s sake! As if my home state needs another mark against it. So here’s what we know: George and his new girlfriend, ex-cocktail waitress Sarah Larson (how does […]

Sex And The City: Giving It All Away

When last we saw Charlotte, she and Harry were going to adopt a baby because the chances of Charlotte getting pregnant were microscopic. I guess in the 37 years since the finale medical science has had a breakthrough, as check out the latest still released for the SATC movie. Further proof this movie doesn’t have […]

Brad Pitt Gets Boxed In

Brad Pitt‘s got a new movie role; he’ll be replacing Matt Damon in “The Fighter,” starring along side Mark Wahlberg. It’s the true story of “Irish” Mickey Ward and his quest to become the world’s lightweight champion. Bradley will play Mickey’s older brother, Dickey (oh, god, yeah, that’s got to be a real story, as […]

Jennifer Lopez: Pregnant Tranny

You’ve gotta leave it to J. Lo. If she really is pregnant–and I have my doubts–she’s certainly milking the mystery for all its worth. Then again, if she’s not pregnant she’s milking it, too. Gotta admire a famewhore who can work both angles equally to her advantage. Anyway, she and her Corpse Husband are currently […]

Denise Richards Is Losing Her Mind

A day after Denise Richards’ court papers, accusing ex Charlie Sheen of basically being a pedophile somehow got leaked to the press, Sheen’s fiancee, Brooke Mueller is speaking up, saying Denise? Yeah, she’s got a few screws loose. A few thousand!

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