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Jerry Seinfeld Attends “Bee Movie” Premiere

Jerry Seinfeld waves to photogs and fans as he and wife Jessica attend the premiere of the “Bee Movie” in Los Angeles over the weekend. You know, I used to like Jerry, but these days? Not so much. As for his wife, it’s simple: I’ve never liked her – at all. Speaking of Jessica, the […]

Rumer Willis: See What I Mean?

Just yesterday I was saying that Rumer Willis is desperate–DESPERATE–to be famous. Not that that’s a tough one to call, I mean, I half expect to open my front door one day and see her there, that’s how ubiquitious she’s becoming, but little did I expect to have my words validated quite so quickly. Sure […]

Rumer Willis: Trick Or Treat

Does the term “trying too hard” mean nothing to Rumer Willis? Because, yeah, at this point she’ll show up for the opening of an envelope–and do so with a new crazy hairstyle or perfectly timed story to tell, whatever it takes to get noticed. I mean, points for going to a Halloween benefit for children […]

Nicole Kidman: Young at Heart?

I like Nicole Kidman–I really do. When others are constantly ragging on her dependence on Botox, her horrific taste in men, her terrible script-picking, I’m usually there to defend her. I’m not even exactly sure why, but I do think it started after Maverick dumped her ass. His whole “Nicole knows what she did” crap […]

Reese And Jake: A ‘Weenie Love Connection

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are getting so daring with their romance. Oh, I should explain: the above? Yeah, that’s them, supposedly, coming from a Halloween party at Kate Hudson’s house on Saturday night. I’m assuming these are costumes, as the alternative is too bizarre to contemplate. I have no idea what Jakey is supposed […]

Gwen Stefani Goes Blue For Black

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to give it to Gwen Stefani for always cleaning up well for red carpet events. Without fail, the makeup is in place and the hair is just so. Now whether you think the makeup is clownish/drag queen-esque and the hair is over processed is another story–but she always […]

Dina In Real Life

You know, ever since her trainwreck of a daughter did her third stint in rehab, Dina Lohan has been quiet. She’s been too quiet. I knew it was too good to be true, and sure enough, Hell on Earth has arrived. That’s right: Dina’s reality show begins filming next week. What has Dina done to […]

Lynne Spears To Spill Family Secrets

Britney’s momma may not be getting a reality show, but she’s not letting Dina Lohan totally take over the mantle of stage mother from Hell. After all, she did put Britney on the self-destruction path long before Lindsay came along, so fair is fair. In this case, it means Lynne Spears is going to be […]

Gemma Atkinson: D-G Cup

I know, you’re dying to find out whose been selected as the new face for the Ultimo line of bra’s right? Well wonder no more – Gemma Atkinson has been signed on as their latest ‘angel.’ Atkinson is the latest to get her wings, following in the footsteps of Sarah Harding, Kimberley Stewart, Rachel Hunter […]

Jessica Alba’s Doppelganger

They say everyone has a twin, so this must be the clone of Jessica Alba. Celebrity Babylon speculates that the Alba look-a-like may be a stunt-double or perhaps even a relative. Thanks to CB for sending it our way!

Diane Kruger: What The Hell?

Diane Kruger is such a mystery to me. Sometimes she’ll look absolutely lovely, with a great outfit, great makeup, great everything…and other times she looks like this. I don’t even know where to begin with this ensemble she wore last night to the Mango 10th Anniversary Party in Berlin. Ok, let’s start with the black […]

MTV: Re-Making Menudo

15-year-old Gerard Munguia of El Salvador auditions for Menudo at the Queens Center Mall – NYDN. Is this something we need – Seriously? The New York Daily News is reporting that MTV has created a new reality show based on the 1980 boy band, Menudo. Reportedly, both Epic Records and MTV have paired up on […]

Robert De Niro, Michael Mann Team Up For “Frankie Machine”

Robert De Niro in “Heat.” I’m a huge De Niro fan and I love mob films, so I was overjoyed when I read in Variety that filmmaker Michael Mann plans to reunite with “Heat” star Robert De Niro on the new mob drama, “Frankie Machine.” The film is an adaptation of author Don Winslow’s novel […]

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