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Tom Cruise: In Like a Lamb

Maverick was in London last night for the first of his many “Lions for Lambs” premieres. He walked the red carpet solo, leaving Suri–who has clearly negotiated days off in her contract–and his future ex-wife…somewhere. Who knows where–probably cold storage. Regardless, doesn’t Tommy look handsome? So dapper and debonaire and…no, sorry, I just can’t do it. He looks like he’s channeling k.d. lange.

But, really, who cares what Mav looks like–it’s the movie that counts, right? And everyone is going to adore this flick, yes? Right, Variety?

“Talky, back-bendingly liberal but also deeply patriotic, “Lions for Lambs” plays like all the serious footnotes scripter du jour Matthew Michael Carnahan left out of “The Kingdom,” Robert Redford‘s first helming chore in seven years, and his most directly political pic yet, amounts to a giant cry of “Americans, get engaged!” wrapped in a star-heavy discourse that uses a lot of words to say nothing new. Apart from the curio value of Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise headlining the movie equivalent of an Off Broadway play, this first outing by newly resurgent UA doesn’t look likely to roar its way to significant B.O. gains.”

Or not. And with his first movie with his new studio. Sad…snerk. Actually, this worries me for Suri. She’ll probably get put on double-time photo ops. Poor kid.

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