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Tom Cruise Wants Becks To Come Out And Play

Maverick continues to make a mad dash around Europe promoting his upcoming snoozfest, “Lions for Lambs.” Look, he’s even so confident in his sexuality that he has no problem whatsoever posing for the above picture prior to the Rome premiere. And why should he? It’s innocent! Sort of like a tame version of The Village People. All that’s missing is an Indian in the background.

But, no, Tommy is the manliest man to have ever manned, let’s not forget that. He’s so macho that according to Just Jared, he’s telling anyone who will listen about how he wants to have a “play date” with his BFF, David Beckham.

“We will go out and fly some airplanes or race some cars or something like that. I’ll talk to Victoria and see if she’s all right with that. But we’ll have some fun.”

Fly airplanes and race cars. Of course! If he wasn’t working the “I’m a happily married man” angle he probably would’ve added “then we’ll go see some strippers, cause I’m all about the boobies.”

He also added:

“I know what a competitor he is and I have great admiration for him as an athlete, as a father, and as a husband. The guy works so hard – I know personally how dedicated this guy is, and how committed.”

Which is more articulate than anything he’s ever said about his future ex-wife–who didn’t attend yesterday’s premiere, as she was back in Berlin getting her battery recharged spending time doing whatever it is that Katie Holmes does (still working on that, but it usual involves looking miserable and spending money).

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