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Let Reese Witherspoon Pick Up The Tab

Reese Witherspoon is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, with an asking price between $15 and $20 million per picture. You know what this means: Jakey’s getting something good in his stocking this Christmas. Maybe a G.I. Joe action figure or a gift certificate to a day spa or something. What? He’s well-rounded.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Goin’ To The Chapel

It’s finally happened: Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged. I say finally not because of her age–29–but because I’ve always gotten the feeling this girl was looking to get married since she was 18. There’s just something about her that gives off a ’50’s-esque “I went to college for my M R S degree” vibe. I […]

Rumer Willis: Miss Golden Globes

That always sounds like it should be the name of a stripper or a Playboy centerfold, but no. It’s actually what the Hollywood Foreign Press calls the honor given every year to a Hollywood kid who gets to stand on stage and hand out the awards at their annual ceremony. Call it a Salute to […]

Matt Damon: Sexiest Man Alive?

Huh. I would’ve never picked Matt Damon for this most prestigious title. Then, again, back when “Good Will Hunting” hit back and everyone was forced to choose between Damon and Affleck, I picked Ben. Which was wonderfully forward thinking on my part, as one became involved in well-received films and the other became best known […]

Reese And Jake: Pancake Love

Reese and Jake continue to test my spidey senses with their faux-mance. Here’s the couple stepping out for breakfast after, I’m guessing, working out together. Which on the romance scale is right up there with taking kids out Trick or Treating. What? C’mon, you have to admit it: nothing these two have been seen doing […]

Jennifer Garner Goes “Glamour”Less

Jennifer Garner tries. I can tell she tries. But I think she’s just sold that “Soccer Mom” persona a bit too well so now? When I see her trying to glam it up? It just looks wrong. Here she is at the Glamour Magazine “Women of the Year” Awards wearing what looks like a recycled […]

Jennifer Garner Brings The House Down

I have to admit I was very doubtful that Jennifer Garner would actually be able to hold her own against Kevin Kline in her Broadway debut in “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Nothing against Jen, but running around on Alias in wigs and miniskirts does not an actress make. However, apparently I was wrong–at least according to […]

Zac Hanson Turns Out For “Darfur Now” Premiere

Zac Hanson and his wife Kate, along with brother Taylor, Jessica Biel and Thandie Newton were just a few of the celebs on hand who attended the premiere of “Darfur Now” earlier this week in Los Angeles.

Heather Mills: Call It A Day

Heather Mills really would serve herself better if she just took Sir Paul’s money and kept her mouth shut. Because opening her mouth? Yeah, it’s proved to be a major disaster for the moron. How? Well, all the British papers are raking her over the coals. I’m particularly fond of The Sun’s approach of putting […]

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