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Best Mother/Daughter Duo: Jen Garner And Violet Affleck

Contrived? Possibly. Pre-planned? At least sometimes, I’m sure. Excessive? Bitch, please. However, I will give Jennifer Garner this: she always looks like she enjoys being with Violet and looks the Mommy part (to see the exact opposite, just google any image of Katie Holmes and Suri). She’s got the stroller and the diaper bag and […]

Katherine Heigl No Longer Single, Still Annoying

Man, I just can’t stand Katherine Heigl. I think it started when she made the whole Isaiah Washington comments and subsequent firing all about her and just gets stronger every time she struts in front of the paparazzi like she’s god’s gift to Hollywood. Not to mention getting on her soapbox about finding “Knocked Up” […]

The Return of Comedy Central

I know the cable station didn’t actually resort to a test pattern the last couple months, but the news that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be back with new episodes starting January 7th just reminds me how much I’ve missed these two shows.

Sweet Treats From Tomkat

To prove they’re just the sweetest two people on the whole planet (or maybe that’s too limiting), Tom Cruise and Stepford Wife Katie Holmes have gifted “hundreds” of friends and associates with Katie’s treat of choice, cupcakes, OK! magazine breathlessly reports.

Don’t Mess With The Duff Sisters

Man, do not piss off Hilary or Haylie Duff. Especially if you’re a photographer and they’re leaving their parents’ divorce hearing–cause Haylie will throw down.

Brad and Angelina Save Christmas

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie played Santa Claus for one North Hollywood store, TMZ reports. The store, ironically named The Blessing, was tanking, and needed a miracle to save it from the evil Burger Meister, Meister Burger, or bankrupcy, or something–when who walks in but the J-Ps looking to buy a few gifts. The pair […]

Miley Cyrus: Clothes Make The Role Model

Miley Cyrus’ popularity amuses and confuses me. Then, again, it’s probably supposed to, as I’m not a pre-teen girl. According to my niece, there’s just no one better. Her entire Christmas list was pretty much “anything Hannah Montana or High School Musical.” Which actually made it easy, because if there’s a consumable product out there […]

Violet Affleck: Oh, The Indignities

Violet: “When are we going back to L.A. so I can stop wearing these ridiculous hats?” Jen: “No! You don’t like your hat? I picked it out special for you. My Violet-Wiolet wooks so cutey-wootey as a wittle doggie.” Violet: “Not the baby talk again. I thought we agreed that wasn’t necessary anymore.”

Victoria Beckham: Fashion Before Comfort

God, Victoria Beckham is one crazy bitch…and I say that with love–or at least admiration for her commitment to the character she’s created. That being, someone who is such a slave to fashion that little things like hypothermia and starvation are discarded like last year’s fashions.

Keira Knightley: Pissed Off Ballerina

Keira, at the L.A. premiere of “Atonement” last night. What’s she pissed off about now? Oh, right, Thursdays. Keira hates Thursdays. The only thing she hates worse than Thursdays are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sundays are ok. For now. But you never know when they’ll do something to irritate her. Aside from that, […]

Grammy Nominations

The Grammy nominations were announced this morning, with Kanye West coming out on top with eight noms, and Amy Winehouse right behind him with six. I wonder if she’ll be able to pull herself together to actually show up. She is such a trainwreck that she makes Britney almost look stable. Almost. The nominations: Record […]

Cheer Up, Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley always looks like she’s in the worst mood. Here she is at a NYC screening for her new movie, “Atonement,” in her usual ‘someone peed in my cornflakes and I woke up with a pimple and it’s raining and the dog shit on the rug’ mood. Why? Is like THAT difficult for her? […]

Is This Johnny Depp’s Year?

“Sweeney Todd” had its NYC premiere last night and Johnny Depp was all duded up in the way only Johnny Depp can pull off without looking like he’s trying too hard. Then, again, I readily admit I am hugely biased, as I just love the guy and pretty much think he can do no wrong. […]

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