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Katherine Heigl: It Paid Off

Katherine Heigl has made it. Yes, all the calling the paparazzi to photograph her every move, all those loudmouth “I speak my mind” comments have really been worth it. Her new movie, “27 Dresses,” while trashed by the critics, has earned about $46 million in only ten days at the box office. She’s the new […]

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds Split…After 2 Weeks

Hilarious! A mere two weeks after their totally not-legal “spiritual ceremony” in Bora Bora, and after they sold all the photos to magazines, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are splitting up. Damn! I had March in the pool. Per a joint statement released to People:

Paula Abdul To Perform At The Super Bowl?

Paula Abdul is in talks to perform–LIVE–at the Super Bowl next month, reports TV Guide blogger, Michael Ausiello. That’s right, the woman who routinely lip-synched when she was actually a relevant musical presence (shut up! “Opposites Attract” is an awesome song!) is now going to go live at an event watched by a kajillion people […]

Pam Anderson Just Says No To Being Knocked Up

So much for that pregnancy rumor. The world can breathe a sign of relief as Pamela Anderson tells E’s Daily 10 via US Weekly: “No more kids. No more kids.” Phew! This one’s almost as much of a Trainwreck as Brit Brit, so the mere thought of her reproducing put me off food today. Good […]

Jerry Seinfeld’s Big Fat Mouth Gets Him Sued

Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry Seinfeld and author of a cookbook, is being sued by another author for copyright infringement and defamation of character. Missy Chase Levine filed the suit on Monday, claiming Seinfeld’s book Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Getting Your Kids Eating Good Food, was plagiarized from her book The Sneaky Chef: Simple […]

Katherine Heigl: Loud Mouth With A Cause

The cause being, naturally, to become a breakout tv star. And Katherine Heigl already has a leg up on that–“Knocked Up” was a huge hit. It was mainly because of the power of Judd Apatow, but no one can say it underperformed and it did put Heigl front and center. Of course she felt the […]

Katherine Heigl Pimps Out Her Wedding

Katherine Heigl loves her new husband, Josh Kelley–but what she loves more is some good publicity. So much so that now, less than two weeks after the wedding, she’s “sharing” all the details with OK! magazine. Apparently it’s only love when it’s in the covers of a publicist’s sanctioned magazine. I guess People was busy. […]

Eddie Murphy Ties The Knot

Now this is whoring out the wedding! Less than 24 hours after getting married, People magazine has all the details of Eddie Murphy‘s sunset New Year’s Day wedding to Tracey Edmonds. Tom Cruise would be proud.

Suri Cruise As Knut? Oh, Pul-lease!

Coming to a big screen near you? According to People, producer Ash R. Shah, who was responsible for the god-awful “Garfield” movie, has offered the Berlin Zoo $5 million for the rights to the story of Knut, the one-year-old polar bear who has been raised at the Zoo since his mother rejected him and become […]

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