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Hayden Panettiere Does Double Duty

She’s just a busy little thing, isn’t she? Hayden Panettiere, who is currently shooting “I Love You, Beth Cooper” in Vancouver, was back in L.A. on Saturday to attend the Genesis Awards where she received the Wyler Award. The Genesis Awards are given by the Humane Society and acknowledge public figures who have drawn attention […]

Cameron Diaz Is A Wannabe

Cameron Diaz was awarded the “Wannabe” Award at the Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday. Apparently, kids “wannabe” like Cam. Really? Why? I just asked my nine-year-old niece and she took a pass. I guess Princess Fiona just doesn’t do it for her. Then, again, she chose Miley Cyrus, so I’m not sure that’s any better.

Wolfgang Van Halen Says Eddie’s Doing Great

Ever since Van Halen postponed their big reunion tour last month there have been tons of rumors as to what was the matter with Eddie. The band would only say that EVH was “undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests.” Of course, first thing everyone thought was “uh-oh, he’s back on drugs or booze,” followed […]

Reese Witherspoon Volunteers, Vacations

Brad and Angelina might not have been in New Orleans getting married this weekend, but Reese Witherspoon recently paid the city a visit, US Weekly is reporting. Not to marry gal-pal Jake Gyllenhaal (what? I’m just kidding. Sort of.), but to take part in “Idol Gives Back,” that totally schmaltzy special American Idol does every […]

Jodie Foster: Doing It Right

We always hear about the horror stories of child actors. There’s certainly enough of them. From the “Different Strokes” kids to Lindsay and Britney, it’s always the same: early success leading to substance abuse problems and worse.

Jennifer Lopez Post-Babies: Slappin’ On The War Paint

Look, I know Jennifer Lopez just had twins and I should be nice and everything, but what’s the deal with her face? And I’m not talking about how she still looks slightly bloated–as, again, she did give birth recently so that’s to be expected. Though she did tell People how she was “in no rush” […]

Does Heath Ledger Have Another Child?

Why does death bring out the worst in some people? It’s like the universe’s way of balancing out those who go the whole “I must be thankful for what I have and embrace my loved ones” route. And with Heath Ledger’s family, lines are clearly being drawn.

Two-Thirds Of A “Charmed” Reunion

Nostalgia alert! Well, if you consider 1998 old school, which I guess I sort of do. Anyway, I was never a “Charmed” fan to the extent it was must-see TV for me, but I liked it well enough. I think what I really liked was all the behind-the-scenes drama the show had going for it.

Jessica Simpson Hospitalized is reporting that Jessica Simpson has been hospitalized since Friday with a kidney infection. Not even a bad kidney infection–no, this is being described as “minor.” Yet, three days later she’s still there? Why? Per a source:

Sarah Larson: Does George Know About This?

Sure, Sarah Larson looks sweet and demure when she’s standing with George Clooney on a red carpet, but the girl has a not-so-secret–and not-so-private–wild past in Vegas. Oh, and by the way: not so very past. Star magazine has found some photos of Sarah from July of 2007, which was just after she met The […]

Rimmel Plans To Keep Kate Moss

Rimmel cosmetics has denied rumors that the company is planning to drop Kate Moss, who has been the face for the company since 2001 and is featured in all of Rimmel’s high profile ad campaigns. Recently, reports have speculated that Moss, who is 34, was on her way out and would be replaced by a […]

Julia Roberts: Rough In NYC

Remember when Julia used to be “pretty woman” and it wasn’t meant in a sarcastic sense? I mean, yes, it was eighteen years ago and she was all fresh and the new thing back then, but even back in the day she always bugged me. She had that “I so deserve this” look about her […]

Katharine McPhee Is The New Face of Neutrogena

“American Idol” alum Katharine McPhee is the new fresh face for Neutrogena. McPhee recently inked a two year contract endorsement deal for the skincare line and will be hawking their anti-acne products. A spokesman for the company told E!: “We are delighted to confirm that actress-singer Katharine McPhee is working with Neutrogena on an innovative […]

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