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Wife of Vanilla Ice Drops Charges

Rapper Vanilla Ice won’t be prosecuted for allegedly hitting his wife after all. People magazine reported that Palm Beach County, Florida prosecutors said they decided against filing criminal charges against the rapper, real name Robert Van Winkle.

Uma Thurman’s Stalker on Trial

An alleged stalker tried to force his way into actress Uma Thurman’s film trailer during a film shoot in New York, an aide to the actress told a jury.

Jennifer Lopez Changes Her Tune About New Reality Show

I love a good backpedal. Less than a week after it was announced that Jennifer Lopez would star in a reality series that would focus on “how Lopez juggles her career–including launching a new perfume line–and motherhood,” comes the denial from Camp J. Lo that it’s not going to have anything to do with her […]

Everyone Jumps On The “Let’s Defend Miley” Bandwagon

Everyone is coming out of the woodwork and having their say about the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos. The latest blowhards to open their mouths are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Paula Abdul’s Latest Blunder

Oh, that Paula Abdul! Always good for a laugh–even if they are all at her expense. So, last night on “American Idol” each of the remaining 5 contestants had to sing two Neil Diamond songs. Because the show is only an hour, Ryan Seacrest hauled them out like cattle after they all sang their first […]

Rumer Willis: Most Beautiful?

People magazine has come out with their annual “Most Beautiful People” list and…Rumer Willis is on it? Isn’t it a little late for an April Fool’s joke? Because, c’mon, let’s be honest. Rumer is not beautiful. Rumer may be interesting looking and she may have a unique look, but beautiful?

Dina Lohan Defends Lindsay…Again

You’ve gotta love Dina Lohan. If only for her consistancy. The woman has managed to raise a daughter who she pimped out since the age of 10 and who ended up in rehab twice before she was even legally able to drink and yet she’ll still justify everything Lindsay does.. And in light of Lilo’s […]

Katie Holmes Goes To Boot Camp

Uh-huh. According to Star magazine Katie Holmes has been a bad, bad robot and was sent to Scientology “Boot Camp” so she could get back in ethics. Or on ethics. On top of ethics? Eh, it’s something about ethics–at least that’s what Tommy was talking about in that promotional Scieno video that still gives me […]

Mel Gibson is Back

Mel Gibson has agreed to star in “Edge of Darkness,” marking a return to the front of the camera for the first time since 2002. Martin Campbell will direct the feature adaptation of the six-hour 1985 BBC miniseries, which Campbell also directed. Variety reports that Gibson will play a police investigator whose activist daughter is […]

Pamela Anderson: Now A U.S. Citizen

Pamela Anderson donned her red, white, and blue bikini and has become a U.S. citizen. Now we’re never getting rid of her, are we? Not only that, but we should all get ready for her to storm Washington, D.C.: “Being a citizen excites me not just because I can vote, but because I can crack […]

CSI Actor Arrested On Drug Possession

Gary Dourdan, who plays a CSI investigator with a gambling addiction on the original recipe “CSI” show (the only one worth watching as far as I’m concerned), was arrested in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of drug possession.

Liv Tyler And Michelle Monaghan: Separated At Birth?

Different color eyes, Liv’s chin is more pointed and Michelle’s nose is wider, but these two could pass for sisters. Is Michelle sure of her parentage? Because Steven Tyler DID get around back in the ’70’s. I’m just sayin’.

The Miley Cyrus Story Rages On

You’ve gotta love all the finger-pointing that’s going on with the Miley Cyrus “Vanity Fair” pictures controversy. This was telegraphed the second that first photo hit the Internet. So far we’ve got Miley, who says she’s embarrassed, Disney, who blames the magazine, the magazine defends themselves and photographer Annie Liebovitz goes on and on about […]

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