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Cameron Diaz Gets Back To Work

Following the sudden death of her father two weeks ago, Cameron Diaz made her first public appearance last night at the L.A. premiere of her new film, “What Happens In Vegas.” And, no, that’s not some random radio contest winner from Backwater, Idaho standing next to her–it’s Ashton Kutcher, the film’s co-star. Loved the checkered sports jacket and polka-dotted tie. Almost as much as I love the Chia Pet beard he’s cultivating. God, I can’t believe anyone thinks he’s hot. To quote my mother, “he looks like a doofus little kid.” I concur–in both theory and word choice. Doofus is dead on. Good call, Mom!

As to Cameron, I think she looks good. Very Cameron-y. Tiny dress, loose hair, average shoes–the usual. I do adore her earrings though. Those get an A-plus.

“What Happens In Vegas” opens next Friday, and I’m sure it’ll make a ton of money and get awful reviews. A deadly combination because it insures that Hollywood will keep making this kind of dreck.

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