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Tori Spelling Confirms She’s In Talks For “90210” Spin-Off

ho_jennie_garth_tori_spellingNikki Finke reported earlier in the week that Tori Spelling was set to join the CW’s “90210” spin-off. I chose to pretend it was just a vicious rumor, started solely for the purpose of ruining my Monday. However, per Tori herself, there appears to be at least some validity to it. Donna Martin told People magazine that she is in negotiations to reprise her role and she’s excited about the idea of teaming up with Jennie Garth again.

“Jennie is already on board for the series and we have been in touch about it. I would love to see our characters Kelly and Donna together again and get the chance to work with my friend again.”

And as if that wasn’t annoying enough, she went and did it. Did what, you ask? She invoked the name of her late father–and “90210” creator–Aaron Spelling to help her get the job.

“It was always my dad’s dream and intention to make a new 90210 before he passed, so I know he is proud and he would be even more proud if I were a part of it. I truly hope for the fans’ sake that it all works out!”

Oh no she di’int!

I am holding out hope that this won’t come to pass, as a rep for the CW told the magazine:

“At this point, there is nothing to report.”

Let’s keep it that way. The CW had their Upfront Presentation on Tuesday and the spin-off is definitely on the schedule. But unless the next news out is that Shannen Doherty is coming back to make everyone’s lives miserable, I don’t want to hear it.

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