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Tori Spelling Moves Back Into The Zip Code

Just as I feared, Tori Spelling has officially wormed her way onto the “90210” spin-off. A CW rep said Donna Martin is going to “own one of the coolest stores in Beverly Hills,” something Tori is obviously thrilled about (then, again, she’s probably just flat-out thrilled she got a job):

“Donna loved designing and wanted a career in fashion. It’ll be fun to explore that storyline. And, I’m sure fans will be dying to know if she’s still married to David!”

I hope she’s not. They should say David came out of the closet after Donna discovered he was having a cyber-affair with George Michael, after which he moved to London to start a Wham tribute band. That might make me interested. Otherwise, all this hype is doing is putting me to sleep.

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