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Stork Watch: Still No Twins For Brad and Angelina

Angelina Jolie hasn’t given birth to her twins yet, Dr. Michel Sussman said Wednesday at a press conference at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, France.

Asked when Jolie is expected to give birth to her fifth and sixth children, said Sussman, the actress’ obstetrician, told reporters, “in the weeks to come.”

Jolie was transported to the hospital, where she reserved four rooms in the maternity ward, by helicopter on Sunday.

Brad Pitt, Jolie’s actor boyfriend and the father of her twins, was photographed early Wednesday at the hospital, said. Pitt and Jolie already have a 2-year-old biological daughter and three other adopted children. quoted Sussman as saying in French at the news conference:

“Everything is normal…She is very well, and she’s OK. It is simply a visit of surveillance, no birth. Brad and Angie want everyone to know that everything is going well.”

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