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Heidi Klum know how to sing: Turn up the night video

We would not be in the shoes of Seal. The British singer will have to watch the video of Turn up the night, the new single former wife Heidi Klum, and reminiscing the time when all that was his Bendidio. A little less than six months after separation, the German supermodel is back and better […]

Bar Refaeli complains: “Men do not try with me”

AAA guy wanted sweet, cute and has a beautiful smile. This is simply put the appeal launched by Bar Refaeli during an interview with Conan O’Brien. The Israeli supermodel, elected by Maxim “Hot Women of 2012 as “can not find admirers. It seems impossible given the admiration (we call it!) That its people evoke in […]

Gavin Rossdale leave Gwen Stefani?

The alleged betrayal that you would not expect. Why Gavin Rossdale would cornified Gwen Stefani . Well, yes. Husband and wife for 10 years, but together since way back in 1995, the two they would be experiencing a period emotionally destructive. The singer, shocked by the multiple horns, it would leave Gavin, father of her […]

Fabrizio Bentivoglio married

In recent weeks along with the protagonist of the fiction of Giorgio Tirabassi Channel 5 Welcome Dinner , Fabrizio Bentivoglio (55 years) has decided to say yes to Pippia girlfriend Silvia (37 years). But the surprises do not end there.

Cannes Film Festival 2012 – It’s got Nicole Kidman

Cannes Film Festival 2012 – It’s got Nicole Kidman

Men, feast your eyes, women ready with the calculator: Cannes Film Festival came to Nicole Kidman , which presents the film “The paperboy” ( the review here premiered on Cinematical ). Mica has arrived alone, of course: to be her escorts are Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack, and I do not know what […]

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are selling the house. And what a house!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds finally close relationships by selling the house they had bought together. On the other hand with which he already lives with Blake lively in the house that they bought for $ 2 million in New York (always two hearts and a hut) had continued to maintain that sense of wonder […]

Keira Knightley gets married

The surprise announcement. Keira Knightley marry her beloved James Righton. To confirm the rumor, exploded yesterday afternoon, the rep, via official press release. Although with a little over a year, between Keira and James would love just exploded. That breakthrough, which infuriates the butterflies in the stomach.

The ten celebrities who have saved a life

The ten celebrities who have saved a life

And not only Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman. The heroism of American celebrities this week reminded us of other 8 cases in which it happened to save the skin of the VIP to someone. Remember them.

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