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Divorce Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes: Suri will have 10 million dollars

Divorce Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes‘Only’ $ 50 million. Both should collect from the divorce from Tom Cruise the fugitive Katie Holmes. A remarkable figure, this is obvious, but very far from disbursement records that have always made Hollywood famous divorces.

Mel Gibson, to name but one recent example, about 400 million unhook had to say goodbye to former wife Robyn Moore. A Tom Cruise, whose net worth is estimated at around at around 300 million dollars, then went luxury. A weighed against outlay on Cruise Katie, of course, the prenuptial agreement signed 5 years ago, when the two swore eternal love.

These $ 50 million we must add the maintenance of Suri, who will live with his mother. Tom will pull in fact regular checks for the next 12 years, or until the eighteenth year of the small, for a total expected to exceed $ 10 million. Practically almost 1 million dollars a year. Also because the child, of course, has not signed any agreement pre birth.

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