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Anne Hathaway sees marriage for hair too short

Anne Hathaway hair too shortAnne Hathaway has postponed wedding plans with Adam Shulman, because of his hair too short. A source of NowMagazine, revealed in detail the reasons which prompted the actress to postpone her wedding day:

She wanted to get married this year, but had to cut short hair for Les Miserables … now expects to grow back.

There are those, however, argues that behind the choice of Hathaway there are reasons promotion film that would prevent it from personally take care of the preparations for the big day: in fact, between October and December, will leave two of his films that take place away from home for several weeks.

Anne accepted the proposal bridal jewelry designer almost a year ago. The couple began dating officially in November 2008, shortly after the unfortunate accident happened to Italian entrepreneur Raffaello Follieri, who was accused of tax fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

Although Adam was initially considered a bounce (the series ‘crushes nail nail’), the Hollywood diva has recently admitted to being matured as a woman with a new partner and a strong feeling grew up in a matter of weeks:

Adam has completely ruined my plans. I could not wait to spend some ‘time alone and now I’m in love like crazy.

Can sleep nights sleep, lovers of gossip stars and stripes … this marriage is going to do with (or without) the elf hats. A touch of originality never hurts in certain social occasions, not!

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