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Arrested Shaun White, the alleged boyfriend of Bar Refaeli

alleged boyfriend of Bar RefaeliA night to forget for Shaun White. Snowboarders American was arrested in the early hours of Sunday to vandalism in the hotel in Nashville, where he was staying. The red-haired athlete – a characteristic that has earned him the nickname The Flying Tomato – must have spent the hours before the stop to drink and carouse. We could not explain the other’s behavior.

According to testimonies collected by TMZ, White would set off the fire alarm, causing the evacuation of hotel guests, but not before he had completely destroyed his room. A little ‘as were the rock stars of the past. The snowboarder then attempted to flee the scene of the “crime” taking a taxi, but was stopped by a guy. After having had got rid of a couple of kicks, White continued his escape on foot. The guy on the ground has not yet given up and reached White. Between the two there was a brief scuffle, and to have the worst time was the athlete.

White has indeed hit his head against a fence bringing a dramatic black eye, as evident from the mug shot distributed a few hours ago. And this story is also explained the second nickname of White, The Animal, though, reading Wikipedia, we find that in fact he was saddled with “the resemblance to a character in The Muppet Show.”

In the past they had already spoken to White for his alleged affair with Bar Refaeli. The two were spotted in London on the sidelines of the pool where Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, compatriots and friends he had dominated the men’s. Maybe, we advance a hypothesis; Shaun White’s anger was triggered by the end of the relationship with Israeli supermodel. You do not react the same way if one so you leave?

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