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Ben Affleck is a gentleman: car accident and note of apology

note of apologyPapabile Oscar nominee for director of Argo, acclaimed by the American press, Ben Affleck is a gentleman. Under all points of view. The actor, in fact, already an Oscar with Matt Damon thanks to the screenplay for Good Will Hunting, has back of a parked car Saturday afternoon in the heart of Santa Monica.

The owner of the parked car, of course, was not there. Affleck accidentally broke the side mirror of the car, but did not go, as unfortunately they would have done in many, but leaving a note on the windscreen of the car hit. With written…

Hello, I accidentally knocked off your mirror. I am very sorry. The insurance will cover everything. Ben.

Few words, but sincere and concise. Father model, still less an actor and more directors, Ben Affleck has thus demonstrated a great man. Because it will be true that it has not actually done anything special, but it is precisely these small gestures of pure education that some Hollywood stars shine more than others. Dear Lindsay Lohan, you’re at it, look and learn something.

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