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George Clooney is a step away from breaking with Stacy Keibler

breaking with Stacy KeiblerThey talk about it for some time, but now we really have reached a definitive by goodbye nothing. George Clooney and Stacy Keibler were on the verge of breaking. As reported by the New York Daily News, between the Hollywood star and the blonde thighs mileage would end the romance.

If only a month ago the same George dismissed rumors of an alleged failure, the Keibler was pinched into tears at a party, waiting for the beautiful Clooney called her on a cell phone. A call, of course, that there never was.

“We barely speak. Stacy feared that he might leave any day. She wakes up every morning and do not know what having to wait. George is really far away and takes away. ”

Currently on the set, which is hundreds of miles away from the former beloved, George declined to comment on yet another rumor, giving further impetus to the rumor. It is true that in recent months the two are made one to see less and less side by side, so as to justify indirectly the gossip sentimental story that they were soon ‘ex’, and especially back to square. And then, yes, it will be fun. Because it will ‘bind’ the actor grizzled.

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