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Katy Perry is back with John Mayer … again

Katy Perry is backWorse (or better) Beautiful. Katy Perry and John Mayer are back to team. For the 4th time in the last few months, I think. We lost count, let’s face it honestly. On 8 October we announced the end of the romance, the time duration of a summer, a couple of covers and a few paparazzi.

But today we must renege on everything. The two lovebirds were in fact paparazzi celebrate the 35th birthday of John, in New York. Together. Hand in hand. Crazy stuff? No, the stuff of Hollywood.

According to those present at the event ‘, Katy and John would have granted a romantic dinner. A light in the center of the table, many smiles, and the recently forgotten past. Within a week we had a break and then a reunion. As if we were on a reality show, low alloy, the two singers are chasing each other, and then catch, say goodbye, and start all over again. With the tabloids, of course, interested and in the front row to watch the new episode.

How long will this crazy tug of war? No one can know. But it is certain that the fire of passion, between Katy and John, it would seem back to burn. In the hope that rests on more than a few days. Although even in that case would take very little. A match, and is to be apportioned. Once again.

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