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Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian is pregnantNot only would blatantly pregnant but his side would have a man ‘ on the run ‘. According to reports from Ok! Magazine, slamming the scoop on its front page, Kim Kardashian would expect a baby.

But it’s not over here. The Queen of reality of America is also in crisis with Kanye West, former friend for months at his side and apparently her husband. After 6 months of love between the two would be the first lot splits, with the Kardashians officially desperate:

“It’s so nice to have at your side a ‘ friend ‘ who understands everything you’re switching”. “Stay with someone you know is comforting for many years. There was always, in all the stages of my life and before they became famous, so this report is something completely different from the usual. I can’t even imagine any other man outside of him. ”

These are the words of Kim, released a few weeks ago and today ‘ wrecked ‘ according to the tabloid stars and stripes, that not know read nor write sees the rumor and re-launches. Pregnancy more breakups with Kanye, less than a year after the divorce flash by Kris Humphries. When you say a ‘ scoop ‘. But is it true? If yes, let us prepare ourselves to ‘ maternity ‘ reality show made in Kardashian.

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