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Rihanna Queen of Christmas: over 6 million euro to inaugurate a shopping center

Rihanna Queen of ChristmasEngland is crazy about her. To this point to reduce to make them open just a mall? Right. Rihanna will soon be covered with gold chain from Westfield, who will pay into the coffers of the pop star with 5 million pounds, or just over 6 million euro, to usher in the Christmas season at Westfield Stratford, near the Olympic shopping center Park in London.

She obviously has not only accepted, but merely passed on the spot with a lot of somersaults, because earning € 6 million in one night, in a period of crisis as black as this, it is really crazy. But not Go and say to the British.

“Rihanna is happy to be called to turn on the lights of the important commercial center. He knows that it is a fantastic deal and has already marked on the agenda! Westfield has received record numbers year thanks to the Olympics held in London and would like to celebrate Christmas in a special way. Although the final contract is still to be concluded, the center managers are willing to go up to £ 5 million to hire the star. Organizers estimated that at least 20,000 people will flock Christmas event and some time ago if they had aired the name of the Spice Girls, their choice then fell on Rihanna. ”

These words were published by the Sun, and attributed to an anonymous source, a shopping center that last year saw star Justin Bieber, but decidedly smaller figures. According to the leaders of the Westfield Stratford City, the presence of Rihanna could increase collections, bringing in customers usually unknown to the center.

“This year we would like to thank our customers for their loyalty with a gift they will not forget so easily!” Said Myf Ryan, General Manager Marketing at Westfield Stratford. Ready to reduce, just to have Rihanna. But it is really worth it?

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