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Scarlett Johansson vote Obama, Lindsay Lohan prefers Romney

The day is coming when Americans will be called to the polls to decide who will be the next occupant of the White House. Reconfirm Barack Obama for another four years or prefer the Republican candidate Mitt Romney? As always, the campaign proved to be tough and full of twists and gaffes on both sides. Last night aired the second challenge television in which, according to polls and analysts, it seemed more convincing the president.

In this battle for power between Republicans and Democrats there is also room for celebrities we follow with daily GossipBlog of passion. Eva Longoria , Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson are the protagonists of a new pro-Obama commercials aimed at winning votes women. The three stars criticize the policies of Romney when it comes to women’s rights and equal opportunities, not the strong point of the Republican platform.

Eva and Scarlett were on the side of Barack Obama is certainly not new. Both attended and spoke at the convention of the American Democrats who saw the confirmation of candidacy for the White House, the first African-American president. The news comes instead of the field.

Mitt Romney, a businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, will instead rely on informal a celebrity is always in view on the network and in the print media, though not as popular as they are Eva and Scarlett. Lindsay Lohan has in fact revealed to prefer him to Barack Obama during an event that was godmother. Given the criminal background of Lilo, we are not surprised that the staff at Romney has emphasized that much support from the Hollywood star.

Also because, as it turned out in the following days, Lindsay would not even lost the time to register electoral office, a mandatory action for all those who wish to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming election. Fool the fool.

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