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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Host Christmas Party

Host Christmas Party‘The Twilight Saga’ co-stars and real life couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hosted an intimate Christmas tree decorating bash at Kristen’s Los Feliz home on Sunday (16.12.12).

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hosted a Christmas tree decorating party on Sunday (16.12.12).

The couple – who reconciled recently following a brief split when Kristen, 22, cheated on the 26-year-old actor with director Rupert Sanders – invited friends and family to Kristen’s Los Feliz home for a festive party.

A source told HollywoodLife dot com: “Kristen and Rob had a small, intimate Christmas tree decorating party on Sunday. They have a gorgeous tree set up at Kristen’s where Rob pretty much lives now.”

“Kristen was really happy to be back home and be with Rob. They want to spend as much time as possible together before Rob leaves in January to film his next movie.”

While the couple aren’t officially living together, friends say they are happier than ever since getting back together.

A pal previously said: “They are not living with each other but they are spending plenty of time with each other and they do sleep over often. Rob usually sleeps over at Kristen’s new home in Los Feliz, rather than the other way around.

“They are in a really magical place right now despite some lingering trust issues on Rob’s side.”

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