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Rihanna and Chris Brown will spend Christmas together

spend Christmas togetherDespite all the bad times of the past, these celebrities seem to be better than ever. Not only had together on Thanksgiving Day, but now also spend a Christmas together with Rihanna’s mother!

Yes, Rihanna and Chris Brown will spend Christmas together! It seems that the singer has already made the invitation and now simply just a confirmation of Chris to begin preparations.

Keep in AlfombraRosa and these details are not lost!

Rihanna and Chris Brown very much in love

The celebrity couple has not yet confirmed their reconciliation official, but if there is something we can all be sure of is that love between these two is still raw. Well … At least for her!

Rihanna recently has invited Chris Brown to spend the holidays with her family in Barbados. The singer intends to enjoy a good Christmas with his mother and her partner.

We do not know if Brown agreed. But we do know that their relationship has taken a good course, especially after seeing the photos that Rihanna rises to her own Twitter account.

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