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What to Consider When Looking for Maternity Wear

I was in shock for a few days after I found out I was pregnant. Partly due to the fact that I realised I was going to be responsible for another life form and partly because I then realised how much I needed to do!

I spent a great deal of time shopping for dresses as a Mums-to-be as well as hunting down comfy shoes and stylish tops which would flatter The Bump as I liked to call it. As my stomach grew, so too did my confidence in my figure. 

If you are expecting a new arrival to the family, you will no doubt be preoccupied with practical matters such as preparing a nursery, finishing work for maternity leave and sourcing all the baby essentials you are going to need. In amongst all the to-do lists you have no doubt written there will somewhere be a small, plaintive sentence: ‘Buy maternity clothes’. With so much else going on, you could be forgiven for leaving this item till last.

Beware, fellow Mum-to-be. Neglect this essential factor at your peril. During my first pregnancy I tried to squeeze myself into my normal clothes well into my second trimester, only to end up looking like a sausage!

Finding good maternity clothes is the key to enjoying how your body changes shape over the next nine months. Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best during this time:

  1. Embrace your new shape and wear clothes which show it off
  2. Use clothes to show off parts of your body that you like, eg. Shorter skirts to display long limbs
  3. Choose items which are both comfy and which look good. For example, a classic cashmere sweater in a maternity size to suit you
  4. Create a basic wardrobe of garments in dark and muted colours, then team these with key accessories and jewellery. It would be best to choose items you can wear again post-pregnancy!
  5. Choose tops which you can also use to nurse your baby in, if you are planning to breastfeed. These tops need to be easily pulled down or to the side
  6. Invest in maternity underwear which will support and sustain
  7. Friends and charity shops make for cheap and accessible sources of maternity clothes
  8. Plan ahead and start purchasing your maternity clothes early on for the months to come
  9. Remember that the size you are now is the maternity size you need to choose. So if you are a size 12 your maternity size will also be a size 12
  10. Don’t forget to think about your feet! You will need to invest in some comfy shoes

Use these tips to inform your shopping choices and you should have a lovely maternity wardrobe in no time.

Author Bio:

Emma Weitz is looking for maternity clothes to see her through the remainder of her pregnancy.

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