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A Comprehensive Guide to Cotton Webbing

Whether you are a hobbyist or a fashion stylist, a commoner or a corporate giant, use of cotton webbing is nothing uncommon for you. On the contrary there are multitudes of aspects in which this is typically used. They come in a whole variety of colors and weights to suit the specific needs of the business or individual.

  • Accessories like Belts, hand bags
  • Apparel trimming purposes
  • Military / Medical / Sporting Goods
  • Luggage Purposes
  • Outdoor purposes
  • Equestrian Goods
  • For the pets and more

These are primarily woven in elastic materials; however, there are a few exceptions where one can find them made in non-elastic elements too. These are light in weight and suit every industry domain like medicine, sports, veterinary, personal, educational, corporate, international environments and facets etc. to name a few. It only takes your imagination to limit the varied possibilities of using these eco-friendly cotton webbing products.

Types of Cotton Webbing Forms

1.     Light Weight

This is constructed in the lightest form synonymous to the construction of a basket weave. This product comes in an array of spectacular Black, Pink, brown, turquoise, maroon, Blue, Yellow, Denim, White, grey and Earth colors to name a few. They can be used in many products to give that required “eco-friendly”  look and feel. Apart from the available colors, this product can also be used substantially to create new colors like an amalgamation in no time. They come in sizes of 1, 1 ½ and 2 inches respectively with the minimum roll of 50 yards to a maximum case back of 1,000 yards.

Products where Light weight is used –

      • Tote Bags
      • Belts
      • Fashion styling belts
      • In built belts for uniforms and garments

2.     Mid Weight

This product is quite similar to the light weight cotton webbing program except for the construction size to be 1 1/4. They are used in varied products, typically belts for garments fashion, men and women, military and more. This product is also used for tips and buckles used in military belts.

It comes in four colors of Black, Buff, Olive Drab and Navy, put up in rolls of 50 yards to 500 yards only. However, special colors can be woven as per requisites.

3.     Heavy Weight

This is the perfect cotton webbing source for products like belts and accessories for hardware purposes. Available in 19 different colors, from black, blue to maroon, white, green and navy to name a fee. They are available in sizes of 1 ¼ and put up in roll measurements of 50 yards to 500 yards.

4.     Extra Heavy

This product is constructed in a measurement of 1 1/4, again the basket weave construction design module. However, they are majorly for the equine and pet industry purposes and are available in 1 inch of each in a widespread range of six colors namely black, natural, white, navy, buff and olive drab.

5.     Tape

From binding and finishing edges of bags, carriers, computer cases and wallets to medical industry sources like x-ray aprons, these tapes are used in a wide variety of products. They are available on roll size of 72 yards to 1440 yards and in one inch formats.

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