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Exploring the legendary self with the Heineken Voyage

Legends are something that people identify with in the truest heroic sense and this is exactly why perhaps it is believed that legends are born. No legend can be made really. It is this spirit, this essence, this extraneous display of something truly charismatic that is being reflected in ‘Voyage’.

5 slasher movie characters that have inspired Halloween costumes

Hollywood has released many slasher movies over the past couple of decades. By picking a fancy dress retailer that has plenty of costumes in their catalogue which are inspired by slasher movies, there will be a lot to choose from. A group of friends could even dress as different slasher movie serial killers. Here are […]

Five Ways to Live Like a Superstar

Many people wish that they could experience at least one day in the life of the celebrity. They dream of outrageous mansions, expensive clubs and luxurious escapes to exotic destinations. Nevertheless, the life of a celebrity is not all that’s it’s cracked up to be. Many people have role-models that indirectly influence their lives and […]

The Best Place to Get Inked- Trendy Tattoo Art

Due to population explosion, the number of humans has crossed the 7 billion mark. We are surrounded by millions of people. We come across hundreds of people on our way to work. But did you ever imagine, why we don’t remember them. It’s because they did not have anything special. They were ordinary, just like […]

Look Fashionable While Promoting Your Business

Have you seen people walking around with business info on their shirts? If so, the reason is because marketing your business on your shirt is one of the latest fashion trends in the business industry. You are walking around while looking good and being able to bring leads to your business at the same time. […]

Here Some Interesting Advice for Five Star Beats

Are you an aspiring musician? Looking for the right beat and background music? You are just at the right place to understand what you need to make your compositions unique. Buying beats over the internet is one of the easiest ways that you may look out for. Plenty of websites can help you in your […]

Significance Of Fashion Handbags

Women are always crazy about trendy accessories, especially handbags. It is probable to see a lot of women carrying classic handsets with them. They enjoy carrying classiest bags on their hands or on their lean wrists. Handbags are not simply an accessory, but it is feasible to judge on the personality of a woman through […]

Essential College Fashions 2013

Get kitted out for college at Maison Scotch uk Heading back to school doesn’t only mean plenty of work ahead and seeing all your friends. It also means it’s time to dress to impress. The clothes you wear help to give yourself an identity. You can use your clothes to let people know what you’re […]

Eva Mendes’ Mother ‘Keeps Track’ on Google

Eva Mendes’ Mother ‘Keeps Track’ on Google

Eva Mendes says her mother “keeps track” of her private life on Google. ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ star – who is in a two-year relationship with Ryan Gosling – explained her mum checks up on her using Internet search engines, but she is trying to discourage it. She told the October issue of Lucky magazine: […]

Angelina Jolie to Be Honoured With Academy Prize

Angelina Jolie to Be Honoured With Academy Prize

Angelina Jolie will be honored with an Academy Board of Governors award. The 38-year-old actress will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian prize at the Academy’s 5th Annual Governors Awards. Angelina will be one of four stars – including Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and Piero Tosi – to be recognised on November 16.

Rihanna Buys UFO Alien Updates

Rihanna Buys UFO Alien Updates

Rihanna pays a UFO watcher in America to give her alien updates. The 25-year-old singer is “convinced” extra terrestrial beings exist and pays a sky scanner in the Mojave Desert, California, to give her information on sightings. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Rihanna has always been convinced aliens will land on Earth in […]

Naomi Watts: Diana Film Has Been Made ‘Sensitively’

Naomi Watts: Diana Film Has Been Made ‘Sensitively’

Naomi Watts believes she and the makers of new biopic ‘Diana’ have treated the late princess’ life “sensitively”. Watts 44, twice turned down the role of Princess Diana – who tragically died in a Paris car crash in August 1997 at the age of 36 – before eventually taking on the challenge of telling the […]

California and its happening culture

California is a state in America that is known for its sun and surf. It is also known as the Sunshine State because of the perfect climate it has. Many people visit this state when the rest of America is facing cold temperatures. California, being on the coast, is perfect for surfers, swimmers and people […]

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