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California and its happening culture

California is a state in America that is known for its sun and surf. It is also known as the Sunshine State because of the perfect climate it has. Many people visit this state when the rest of America is facing cold temperatures. California, being on the coast, is perfect for surfers, swimmers and people who just want to take in some sun. Apart from just the clear beaches and white sand, there are other activities that bring together California culture. Here we will take a look at the culture of California as a state and some of the places one can visit as well as the residents of this warm and welcoming state.

Places to visit in California

California is home to many people and is the most populous state in America. It is also one of the most visited states. Tourists come from all parts of the world to see the attraction that California has to offer. Some of them are mentioned here:
–Yosemite National Park - With 760,000 acres of trees and wildlife, this park is something worth visiting. There is so much to see here and the sceneries are just breathtaking.

–Golden Gate Bridge - This Bridge is the most visited and photographed bridges in the world. It stretches for more than a mile across the San Francisco Bay. People can drive, cycle and walk across this bridge to experience its history.

–Sea World in San Diego - This is definitely something that the whole family will enjoy and visiting this water theme park. Apart from rides, there are shows that involve marine animals such as killer whales, dolphins, penguins, Polar bears and walruses. They educate people about ocean life and the animals that live in them.

California is also home to Hollywood, the home of the biggest movie stars. Many celebrities live in the state because of the almost perfect weather. The Hollywood sign, one of the most famous signs in the world is located in California.
People of California

There is a huge diversity in the state of California when it comes to its residents. The mix of people in the state is what makes this state one of the most visited states in America. There are white Americans, Hispanic people, Asian people, African American, Native American,
Multiracial, Hawaiian and Latino. This makes it a very diverse place and makes it very welcoming to all races. This mix of diversity is what makes this state something that is worth visiting and even living in. Some of the first residents of this state were Mexican, German, Irish, English and Italian which has now led to the vast diversity in the population. ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization has been a great help for those people who wish to enter the country but find it difficult to acquire a visa for their visit. This allows them to get a visa easily by just filling up an online form and meeting all the requirements.

California is a state that attracts people from all around the world and because it has so much to offer to its visitors, these people choose to stay on and live in the Sunshine State which lives up to its name. The warm, sunny weather is one of the main attractions of the state. The culture of this great state is something that has been its strongest point and the people have kept it intact for years and are continuing to do so today. California has a lot to offer and is always coming up with something new for its visitors and if all else fails, there is always the beaches and the sun that will remain.

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