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The Underestimated Impact of Colors on Fashion Clothing

Throughout the past few decades a considerable amount of changes and developments have occurred in the vast world of fashion clothing, many of them causing repercussions that would bring about far-reaching changes, in some cases on an international level. As it happens, a good number of those developments came to be because someone managed to […]

We take a look inside Dior’s latest campaigns

This week Dior has been enjoying a huge amount of press coverage with the unveiling of two new print campaigns and being the clothing of choice for a certain star on the Thor 2 red carpet. 3 Oscar-winning actresses have lent their style and fame to promote the brand this week.

Tattoo Hygiene – A Key Stone to “Healthy Tattooing”

What can you do to maintain the style quotient of today’s age and day? The best way is to go to some reputed tattoo shop and get one tattoo done. This body art is very much in fashion these days. People express their love through tattoos, their aggression through tattoos and what not. You can […]

Hair extensions: When to be careful

Hair extensions can enhance the way you look but may also bring with them unwanted side-effects. Wearing hair extensions gives you extra body, enhanced colour and shine, added length, and a change of look but synthetic hair may also cause problems if you don’t take care of it correctly. Here’s how to wear hair extensions […]

The best hair removal methods

Unlike the Europeans, on this side of the world women have a horror of seeing them grow hair in certain parts of the body, and devote time and effort to let your legs and underarms smooth and free of the slightest fluff. The most radical is to pluck the back, belly and anywhere on the […]

What to look out for when selling your Rolex

Rolex watches are incredibly popular. Founded in 1905, Rolex has made one outstanding model after another. Not only are the latest models highly valuable but also those that were made decades ago – original Rolex Oysters, which were first made available to the general public in 1926, are worth a lot of money. When deciding […]

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