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4 Worst Photo Posesto Pull on a Night Out

On nights out and social occasions, taking a handheld camera is now considered a necessity alongside your keys and wallet/purse. With more and more photo opportunities available, there are certain photo poses however that serve as a one-way ticket to ridicule, whether they’re on the camera phones of your friends or on professional photos taken by an official photobooth hire company. Here’s the 4 worst photo poses that for the sake of your dignity and credibility should never be attempted on a night out:

Photo Posesto Pull on a Night OutDuckFace

Starting with the worst of the worst, the duckface is a pose that seems like such a good idea at the time. Popular amongst young girls and socialites such as Kim Kardashian and Katie Price, the appeal of the Duckface is that it makes your lips look bigger whilst defining your cheekbones. Even if it makes your zygoma look like that of Benedict Cumberbatch however, if obnoxious and superficial is the look you’re going for then go ahead. Please note: an additional side effect of the duckface is that people may want to throw bread at you.

The group public toilet photo

Nothing says classy like having your photo taken in a bathroom, am I right ladies? No other pose screams so much desperation whilst probably smelling even worse. I suppose it does have some practicalities, providing an opportune photo opportunity where all your friends are in the same room, as opposed to wandering aimlessly round the club finding each other and spilling your drink in the process. But those benefits are definitely outweighed by the toilet roll, soap dispensers and the random girl/guy in the background who either photobombs or has no idea what’s going on and continues to dry their hands as normal.

Throwing the peace sign

When is a peace sign ever relevant at a party? In any other context apart from Japan, it doesn’t really serve a function, unless of course you’re at a 90s party as a Spice Girl, but Geri Halliwell is embarrassing enough, let alone having people copy her. Celebratory nights out aren’t really the time to rally your support for nuclear disarmament, so if you find yourself throwing a peace sign because you have nothing else to do, just act normal and you’ll look a lot better.

The Shoe Circle

You may have bought some nice Jimmy Choos and want to show them off, but is a photo of you and your friend’s feet in a circle on the sticky floor of a nightclub really necessary? Most feet are an eyesore anyway, set alone under the unflattering light of a flash on your iPhone. Photos like these are also a nightmare for tagging on Facebook afterwards, so unless you plan on memorizing everyone’s footwear choices, don’t bother.

Make sure you avoid any potential photo mishaps and consider the services of a professional photographer or party photobooth hire company (We would recommend PixPod Ltd), who will give you a lot more poses to pull than the ridiculous ones listed above.

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