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7 Reality TV Shows With Incredibly Unusual Plots

Some people will do anything in their quest for fame, and other people will watch it. This includes writing, producing, or starring in the some of most outlandish reality TV shows imaginable. Read on to see just how unusual reality TV shows plots have been over recent years.


7. The Swan


No longer in production, this show made the list due to its slightly unsettling plot. The Swan cast was made up of ugly ducklings seeking to compete in a beauty contest by undergoing thousands of dollars worth of surgery. At the end of the season the women all competed in a beauty pageant where the most beautiful won.


6. Wipe Out


This show features contestants who put themselves through an obstacle course nearly impossible to make it through unscathed. Viewers tune in to see them get knocked off the obstacles, rather than accomplish them. It’s really for laughs, however the course does require serious physical prowess and there is a prize for the winner.


5. Wife Swap


This shows plot revolves around two families who are lacking in some area of their lives. The wives of the families switch places for two weeks, in an attempt to show the other family how “perfect” families live. The show pairs complete opposites, for example they would pair the wife of a preacher with the family that doesn’t go to church.


4. Hard Core Pawn


This show features a family who own a very successful pawn shop. If you know anything about pawn shops, you know the type of people who frequent them. The family’s interaction with these characters and some of the amazing items that they bring to pawn are the highlight of the show.


3. Scare Tactics


Funny and scary at the same time, this shows plot centers around people put in candid camera like scary situations by their friends. If the results weren’t so funny this show would just be wrong!


2. Storage Wars


Have you ever bought a storage unit and forgot to pay for it? Well tune into Storage Wars to see what probably happened to it. This show features auctions, which take place at local self storage units. People leave behind some of the most unique treasures.


1. Off their Rockers


The funniest bunch of old people ever! With Betty White as the host, hoards of old people are let loose all over the city to prank the younger generation. Very unusual.


There you have it, some of the most unusual reality TV shows imaginable. They aren’t the first and you can bet they wont be the last!

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