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Most Expensive Jewelry On Celebrity Bodies

Many celebrities are known for their over-the-top taste. Whether high fashion, top-of-the–line vehicles or wearing the most expensive jewelry money can buy, some of today’s most highly recognized celebrities strive for the best, biggest and most expensive luxury items available.
One of the biggest events for jewelers like Harry Winston and Neil Lane are awards shows when the demand is on for the most exquisite gems imaginable. According to, at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Garner was adorned with over $2.5 million worth of platinum jewelry by Neil Lane. Other actresses dripping in jewels lately include Anne Hathaway, who had jewelry valued at $354,300 and Naomi Watts who was wearing $1.5 million in the form of jewelry draped around her body. These pieces would likely occupy a highly secure home jewelry safe or perhaps a safe deposit box at a bank.

In recent years, celebrities have not just opted for the traditional bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, but have adorned their dresses with beautiful broaches and many have had diamond barrettes and combs in their luxuriously styled hair.

While many enjoy wearing these multi-million dollar gems on loan, many of the rich and famous just visit their own jewelry boxes or safes for their gemstones. Of all jewelry given and received probably the most detail goes into wedding and engagement rings.

Many stars like to create their own, one-of a kind designs for that special occasion. Brad Pitt who is known for his love of architecture and design, spent a year working with Beverly Hills jeweler Robert Procop to create the perfect ring for Angelina Jolie which consisted of 10 carats of diamonds and set him back $1 million.

Some other noteworthy engagement rings include Kate Hudson’s ring from musician Matt Ballamy, musician, which had 9 carats of diamonds and cost $850,000. The Kardashian family also drips in gems – with Khloe’s engagement ring from Lamar Odom weighing in at 9 carats and $1 million. Kim’s engagement ring from Kris Humphries set him back $2 million for a 20.5-carat rock.

Other impressive rings include Catherine Zeta-Jones ring, a sparkling 10 carats and cost $2 million. Often-engaged Jennifer Lopez receive a 4.5 carat pink diamond from former fiancé Ben Affleck which cost $1.25 million, followed up by an 8 carat stone from former husband Marc Anthony. Katie Holmes received a $1.5 million dollar, 5 carat ring from Tom Cruise, who reportedly bought the ring following their first date.

Topping the list is Mariah Carey, her engagement ring from Nick Cannon cost $2.5 million and is an incredible 17-carats and contains 59 diamonds. The newest Mrs. Donald Trump has a $3 million, 15 carat engagement ring. And Beyonce, (also known as Mrs. Carter) has a flawless 18 carat ring that Jay-Z paid $5 million for.

Celebrities and others with extensive jewelry collections go to great lengths to keep their jewelry and other valuables, especially from break-ins. The recent book and movie, the Bling Ring, showed how several young Hollywood stars had their homes broken into and valuables stolen from a group of teenagers. Stars like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom were among those whose homes were invaded.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a special piece of jewelry passed down from generations, a simple piece of jewelry or a piece to rival the rich and famous, make sure that it’s kept in a safety box or safe, away from prying eyes and possible pilfering.

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