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Qualities Your Lingerie Should Have

While you are searching for the proper fit for lingerie pieces, there are certain qualities that each item should possess. Comfort, of course is the most important element to consider. How it feels when the item is on as well as how the fabric feels on the skin are also very important. Le-Beau offers a variety of fabric types and lingerie designs at to suit your body style and fabric preference.

Breast Support

Just as you expect support when you wear a bra, lingerie needs to do the same thing. The man in your life is likely attracted to how your breasts look in a bra and may find less support to be less attractive in lingerie. Adding a little extra lift with lingerie is often appealing. This requires under support to push upward along with underwires or plastic support strips to add additional support.

Breathing Room

When you wear lingerie and clothes in general, you want to be able to move and breathe in the item. A snug fit is acceptable for some types of lingerie but other designs are meant to be loose fitting. Make sure that the item allows you to move and provides the ability to breathe comfortably as you move around.

Comfortable Fabric

Fabric selection is important. Some fabrics can irritate the skin or feel scratchy. This is the case with some types of lace and taffeta materials. Some chiffon materials may also feel slightly scratchy or itchy on the skin. Silk, satin, cotton and blended materials are often found to be more comfortable and more durable during washings. Test the fabric by running it between your thumb, middle and ring fingers in a grinding motion. This will help you to get a feel for how the fabric will feel against the rest of your body.

Durable Construction

Lingerie can be tugged at or stressed during wear as not all is removed for intimate encounters. Look at the seams in the piece for double stitching and double backed edges. Quality fabric is important as well. Items that are made of a more dainty material are likely to require a bit of finesse when worn. When shopping, slightly tug at seams. If you do not feel any give at all in the seam, it is a durable item to select.

The qualities discussed above are important as you select a piece of lingerie. These are items that you want to last awhile and items that you can throw on in a moment’s notice. To ensure that you have the proper fit, have a formal fitting completed. Also, ensure that there is appropriate support for the bust area and that the curves of your body are accentuated without compromising the design or durability of the lingerie in general. Another item to consider, maintaining durability, is the care instructions. Machine washable items are desirable, with air-drying as the preferred option for most items. Ease of maintenance is important even for lingerie items.

Visit Le Beau to find lingerie that is ideal for you!

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