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How to Dress for Your Office Christmas Party

It’s never easy to know what to wear for the office Christmas party. It’s one of those times when you really do need to consider your wardrobe. On one hand you don’t want to seem like a bore, with no personality that will seem dull to all your colleagues and clients, but then you don’t want to create a bad impression either. You have to think about what to wear and ensure you keep your behaviour in check so it’s no wonder most men feel anxious before the Christmas party.
Christmas Party

To make life easier read through our ultimate tip list for how to dress for the Christmas do. So when you’re sipping champagne opposite your boss you’ll know you’re going to be making a fantastic impression for you and for the company.

It’s Not a Time to Let Your Hair Down

You probably want to throw on your ripped jeans, T-shirt and that skull necklace and leather wristbands of yours but don’t. Although your boss has probably told you to relax and be yourself you are wise to always dress smart and conservatively for the work Christmas party. Don’t make the mistake of turning up looking scruffy; it could cost you your reputation. Always wear a suit with a shirt, but you may be able to avoid wearing a tie. This is a time when conservative is the better choice.

Add some Holiday Spirit

There’s no need to avoid the holiday season, add some stylish festive flare to your outfit. Use luxurious fabrics in your outfit or wear a tie with some subtle sheen. Just don’t go for the novelty Christmas tie or deck your hair with tinsel and mistletoe. You might think dressing like Santa will be a good idea but do you really want to risk being the butt of all the jokes at the party? Save your Santa costume for your nieces and nephews.

Don’t Wear Your Usual Work Clothes

If you always wear a suit, shirt and tie to work don’t wear the same ones to the party.  Your work clothes are work apparel, what you need to do is plan a smart outfit that is definitely party apparel. A tuxedo striped pant is formal so it could be a great alternative to your usual office trousers. If you have a relaxed dress code at work it is worth dressing smarter for the Christmas do such as wearing a dress shirt with some smart dark jeans.

Don’t Leave Planning Your Outfit to the Last Minute

It’s a mistake to leave planning your outfit to the day of the do. Plan what you’re going to wear in advance.  Shop online, try everything on and make sure you get the ironing board out the night before the party so you’re all ready to go.  Visit quality menswear fashion websites and look for great brands such as Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen.  Designer menswear is available at, they have the latest styles and great prices. If you’re prepared you’ll feel more confident with your choices so all you need to worry about is not drinking too much champagne!

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