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Tom Cruise To Victoria Beckham: Stay Away From My Robot!(0)

April 14, 2008

Tommy Cruise isn’t happy. And you know what happens when Tommy Cruise isn’t happy? People DIE! OK, not really–but you don’t want to ever upset His Royal Scienotologist’s apple cart, as that puts him in a nasty mood. The latest person to do this is Victoria Beckham–or, more precisely, her friendship with his future ex-wife, [...]

Tom Cruise To Victoria Beckham: Stay Away From My Robot!

I Wanna Be Angelina’s Friend, Too

One of the things I love about Angelina Jolie is that she doesn’t seem to care what people think about her. Let them think she’s a blood pendant wearin,’ no girlfriends having, man-stealing shrew and she’s like “eh, whatever.” But, guess what? Angie does have friends and they’re pretty damn cool. For instance, in her [...]

Bruce Willis Still Loves Demi

It’s no secret that Bruce and Demi Moore have one of the friendliest divorces around. All you ever see are pictures of the two of them and their four kids. What’s that? They only have three? Then who’s the tall one with the beard stubb…oh, wait, that’s Ashton, right? Never mind.

Brooke Shields: Just Desperate Enough

Maybe I’m just too sensitive, but if a man went on national television and bitched me out saying I had no career, was a lousy mother, and basically a waste of oxygen, I might not be so willing to bury the hatchet…unless the hatchet was in his head. But I guess Brooke Shields is a [...]

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