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Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Are At It Again(0)

April 14, 2008

Oh, those crazy Lohans! They really like to keep their hands in all portions of the crazy pie. And it’s not just Dina, Lindsay, and up-and-coming trainwreck, Ali, who are involved. No, now jailbird/daddy, Michael Lohan, wants to be heard. Specifically, he says he’s re-opening his divorce case because, basically, Dina has screwed him over. [...]

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Are At It Again

Don’t Mess With The Duff Sisters

Man, do not piss off Hilary or Haylie Duff. Especially if you’re a photographer and they’re leaving their parents’ divorce hearing–cause Haylie will throw down.

Dina In Real Life

You know, ever since her trainwreck of a daughter did her third stint in rehab, Dina Lohan has been quiet. She’s been too quiet. I knew it was too good to be true, and sure enough, Hell on Earth has arrived. That’s right: Dina’s reality show begins filming next week. What has Dina done to [...]

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Brother Sentenced On Drug Charges

According to The Daily Telegraph, the brother of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been sentenced to 10 months in an Indonesian jail for heroin possession. Ronald Ramsay, who is 39, faced a possible 14-year sentence, however, his lawyer argued that lighter penalties had been applied in recent similar cases and said his client may appeal. [...]

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