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Nicole Kidman’s Belly Grows, Stumps Doubters(0)

April 23, 2008

I was going to start this off by apologizing for harping on this subject, but then I realized: I’m harping on it only because I’m sick and tired of seeing a couple of Internet bat caves continue to perpetuate a ridiculous rumor simply because Nicole Kidman did the cyber equivalent of peeing in their cornflakes. [...]

Nicole Kidman’s Belly Grows, Stumps Doubters

Drew Lachey is Odds Favorite

“Dancing With The Stars” second-season champ and ex brother-in-law of Jessica Simpson, Drew Lachey is the favorite to win the 32nd Annual Toyota/Pro Celebrity Race, to be held on Saturday, April 19, in Long Beach, California.

Why We Need Stars

Comedy Central hosted “Night of Too Many Stars” last night to benefit autism research. It was hosted by Jon Stewart and the “too many stars” guest list was super impressive–everyone from Tina Fey to Conan O’Brien. I loved the tongue-in-cheek “you need stars” theme they had going. Because, really, wouldn’t we all just benefit from [...]

David Spade Opens His Wallet

I admit, I don’t keep up too much with what David Spade is doing. Other than that whole Heather Locklear dating thing all I know is he’s on some sitcom on CBS that I don’t watch and used to be on “Saturday Night Live.” Otherwise, well, let’s be honest: does anyone really celebrity watch him? [...]

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