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Sean Penn Hits The Road on Bio-Diesel Bus Tour(0)

April 28, 2008

Sean Penn is scheduled to bring national attention to a number of his social causes through a bus tour across the country. The actor says his “Dirty Hands Caravan,” which includes several bio-diesel buses, will travel from Indio, California to New Orleans in an attempt to bring increased attention to issues like homelessness and poverty:

Sean Penn Hits The Road on Bio-Diesel Bus Tour

Celebrities Not Influential Among The Voting Public

A new survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research discovered that what celebrities say doesn’t influence our views as much as we might think – especially when it comes to political candidates. Of the 2,237 voting-age people who responded to the survey, only 16% said that the endorsement of a candidate by a celebrity they like [...]

The Degeneres Doggy Debaucle

Unless you’ve been blessedly under a rock the last couple of days, you probably know the basic tale of “Ellen DeGeneres and The Case of The Misplaced Mutt.” In a nutshell, Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia De Rossi, adopted a dog, Iggy, a month ago from a pet adoption agency called Mutts & Moms. The [...]

David Spade Opens His Wallet

I admit, I don’t keep up too much with what David Spade is doing. Other than that whole Heather Locklear dating thing all I know is he’s on some sitcom on CBS that I don’t watch and used to be on “Saturday Night Live.” Otherwise, well, let’s be honest: does anyone really celebrity watch him? [...]

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