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Has Kirstie Alley Dumped Jenny Craig?(0)

October 22, 2007

Uh-oh. According to my friends over at Celebrity Babylon, Kirstie Alley may have ditched Jenny Craig for Costco’s Kirkland Weight Loss Shakes. The diet delights were delivered to her Los Angeles home on October 18th. Hey Kirstie: “Have YOU called Jenny?”

Has Kirstie Alley Dumped Jenny Craig?

DeVito Launches Premium Limoncello

Danny DeVito returned to Miami Beach on Friday night for the exclusive South Florida launch of his highly anticipated Limoncello line of apres-dinner liquor at DeVito South Beach, Miami Beach’s traditional Italian Chop House, located at 150 Ocean Drive. Danny showed-off his bartending skills as he hosted the nation’s first sneak preview and tasting during [...]

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