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Josh Jackson: My New Reason To Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”(0)

October 22, 2007

I stopped watching “Grey’s Anatomy” sometime last year. I don’t even remember when, and I can’t pinpoint why, I just know one week…eh, I just didn’t care about it anymore. At all. However, I have now reconsidered, given this casting news. Per Variety, Joshua Jackson is coming to Seattle Grace for a multi-episode arc, playing [...]

Josh Jackson: My New Reason To Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”

Josh Jackson & Diane Kruger Hit NYC

After spending a large part of the summer in Europe, Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger are back in the United States–in New York City, to be exact. Earlier in the week, Diane was doing the pimp and preen at the Venice Film Festival to promote her latest film, “The Hunting Party,” while Josh was seen [...]

Josh Jackson And Diane Kruger: Love on the French Riviera

I guess Saint-Tropez must be a nice place, huh? It seems like every celebrity has made it their mission to vacation there in the last couple weeks. The latest is one of my favorite couples, Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger. They had been hanging in London while Diane filmed “National Treasure 2: The Point?” but [...]

Josh Jackson: The New Fletch

After years (and years) in development Hell, it appears that the new “Fletch” movie finally has an actor to fill Chevy Chase’s shoes. And that person? Joshua Jackson. That’s right–Pacey from “Dawson’s Creek.” The story was reported Friday on IESB.Net, and my confirms it’s a done deal, with a hopeful start date this Fall. Now, [...]

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