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Nicole Kidman Gestates In Nashville(0)

May 13, 2008

Nicole Kidman continued to gestate in Nashville this weekend. Clearly off the Botox, as I spy a lovely little frown line in between her eyes. Not a big deal, Nicole–you really just need to accept them. They’re not a lot of fun, but a wrinkle or two? Much preferable to a waxy, expressionless face. So [...]

Nicole Kidman Gestates In Nashville

Cruise and Kidman Together Again?

OK! magazine is breathlessly reporting that Maverick and his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman (not to be confused with his future ex-wife, Katie Holmes), are going to be reunited this Fall in Germany. Not in any real sense, just that for six weeks they’ll be filming at the same studio in Berlin, Germany. “Insiders” are predicting a [...]

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